2012-10-20 05:13 - General

I've been strongly considering setting up a Windows/Ubuntu dual boot on my new laptop.  But I want full-disk encryption too, which much of the internet claims is impossible.  (At least with Truecrypt, which I'd also like to use.)

But it's very possible.  Partition how you like; at least one 100-200MB primary first (Windows' "system" partition), then your Windows and Ubuntu partitions.  Install Ubuntu first.  Get a copy of "boot.img" out of /boot/grub and then install Windows.  Follow (parts of) this guide to get Windows' boot loader set up to let you choose the OS.  Then turn Truecrypt on!

I've tested this in a VM, and it's at the point that it's doing encryption.  I've yet to (finish encryption and) reboot into Ubuntu, but I'm pretty confident at this point.


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