2012-12-05 02:22 - General

I'm in the process of building a simple mobile second battery to increase the usable life of my phone when I expect to need it.  The first thing I did was confirm that a simple 4-serial-AAs can charge a phone (yes).  Then how well, by current, and got a surprisingly low number.

So I wired in a wall adapter, and it only drew a bit under a third of an amp.  Shorted the data pins, with no change (it says AC instead of USB, but still draws very little current).  Hooked up the battery instead of the wall adapter and still: very little current draw.  But the phone battery is almost at 90%; a full battery means a lower voltage differential, so it's probably reasonable that there's less current flowing.

So I'll discharge it a bit, and then re-check both the wall adapter and battery again, with a low primary battery.


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