2011-03-14 14:09 - General

As I mentioned earlier, I got eight different boxes of Girl Scout Cookies recently. Now that most (and definitely some of each kind) of them are eaten, here's my official personal best-to-worst ranking:

* Lemon Chalet Cremes
* Do-si-dos
* Trefoils
* Thin Mints
* Thank U Berry Munch
* Dulche de Leche
* Tagalongs
* Samoas

Yeah, Thin Mints aren't very minty. Tagalongs are disappointing; a combination of peanut butter and chocolate has so much more potential. Missing from my list, but apparently available out there: Lemonades, Thanks-a-Lots, Shout Outs. I've never seen any of those, until I went looking online. Local things, apparently.
Mike Pfirrmann Mike Pfirrmann
This is nearly an exact inversion of my best-to-worst ordering. Mar 14, 2011


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