2010-11-21 01:53 - General

So, my first miniature paint job? Mixed results. Take a look, I think it turned out rather well overall, especially for being my first ever. To start off, take another look at some well-painted HeroQuest figures, which I found online: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/alphapocalypse/images/tag/heroquest . Old enough that the free image host has dropped a few, but of the pictures still there, it's obviously some really good painting work. Essentially the pictures I used as inspiration, while I was working. One of the good things I picked up from looking at various pictures, and playing the game recently: it's valuable to be able to tell the similar pieces apart, rather than make them all identical. I will mostly do that by painting their clothing in different colors.

So on to my first paint job. I tried a base white coat of primer, everything seemed to suggest that it makes a big deal. Mine seemed really awful. The paint did not apply in an even coat, over the plastic. But I went for it anyway, and the first coat of the green skin didn't seem to turn out well at all, either. After some perseverance I finished though, and I'm rather happy with the end result, visually. Ultimately the very-not-even paint job almost works as a strength, providing some texture. With zero effort!

That's the good. The bad: as mentioned, I've got 68 figures, and I think I spent around two hours painting this one. That doesn't bode well for ever finishing; I'm probably not about to spend over 130 hours painting. We'll see if I can speed things up.


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