2010-10-31 22:55 - General

A short while after I moved into my new place, I ran out of cat food, and had to get more. With different shops nearby, the brand I previously used wasn't available, so I switched. I decided to spoil my girls, and got them the "best" food I could find, which worked out to about $4.50/lb. They didn't like it. I tried another "premium" brand which they still didn't like -- enough that Tegs has lost almost a pound and a half, or dropped about 15% of her body weight. So, I went back to the "cheap" stuff at $2.40/lb, and they're both bugging me in front of the food bowl again, so hopefully I can watch Tegs return to a healthy weight again.
Zachary Brown Zachary Brown
I think switching the food all of a sudden like that is a little bit like the father who decides to shave his beard one day, and then is surprised when his young child doesn't recognize him. I bet they'd love the premium stuff, if you did the switch more gradually. Oct 31, 2010
Anthony Lieuallen Anthony Lieuallen
They had at least two months to get used to the stuff they didn't like. Within a day of the newest, and they've never had this variety before, they were begging again. They just seem to have low-brow tastes, like me. I've never really bought the "switching pet food" myth. If it applies, it does to particular individuals, not all cats/dogs. Nov 1, 2010


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