2011-03-15 03:13 - General

I've recently discovered Top Gear. I knew of its existence for some time, but I didn't realize how little of a car show, and how much general entertainment, it is. Great fun.
P.S. I'm so tired of the iOS keyboard. I can't fathom why it is so highly regarded elsewhere. It "helpfully" auto-corrected "its" to "it's" above (and it loves to "fix" my obscure search terms), even though I was right the first time. And I almost didn't notice -- with a virtual keyboard you have to look at it, but the "I'm about to screw up what you just typed perfectly right" indicator is way off wherever the cursor is, nowhere near the keyboard. Maybe the iPhone keyboard is better than the iPad? Feeling more and more like I want a Xoom, and damn the few iOS only apps out there.
Johan Sundström Johan Sundström
I have also started to note the same, though only in the last few weeks; I never registered it doing it before, and now it does it to a very large and annoying degree. Maybe a recent change? Mar 15, 2011


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