2011-07-12 20:05 - General

ARGH Netflix! You keep raising prices! I've been a happy (though declining) Netflix user for over six years. But my queue has been getting pretty slim recently. And I've been slowly more annoyed over time with how hard they're pushing streaming. Case in point: I used my Android tablet which was close at hand the other night, trying to record a rating for the DVD I just watched. But the site wanted me to stream, and kept giving me error pages about unsupported hardware, rather than the detail page where I could easily set the rating.

Raising the price for what I'm using (streaming + 1 DVD, some stuff I want to watch still isn't streaming) from $10 to $16 is more than I am willing to bear right now. Looks like it's time to empty it out quick and plan a switch. I think I'll take a much closer look at what exactly Amazon Prime gets me; it's supposed to include streaming now right?


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