2010-02-26 17:15 - General

It's been a while since I've ranted about Linux. Here goes.

Gnome/Nautilus sucks compared to Windows Explorer.

Navigating to directories in the open dialog is hard, typing them in the "Location" line simply doesn't work (unless you're prepared to type out the entire path to the file).

The open dialog is, also, not a full-featured view. I'm used to being able to cut/copy/paste and drag-n-drop to and from the open (and/or save as) dialog, which is convenient because it's often a quick shortcut to a particular directory I'm already working in. In gnome, I can't even rename a file (i.e. as a quick 'n dirty backup, before I save over it); I have to laboriously open a full Nautilus window to the same path.

I'm also quite used to navigating to the proper location, and then typing the name for it. Nautilus makes this workflow especially painful. I've got to manually focus the "name" box after clicking through directories, and there is always some value in that box I've got to clear out. It's selected when opened (very convenient!) but this breaks if I click a directory first (clicking in the box de-selects it). Keyboard navigation, also, totally sucks. If I try to switch back to the "location" field after navigating to the directory I want to save in, it takes eleven shift-tabs or five tabs. One tab in Windows Explorer.

There's no "list" view. Nautilus's list view is a details view. Icons arrange in wild patterns, depending on what they are: an image will thumbnail randomly depending on its dimensions.

The rename, selecting the filename without the extension, is awesome though. As is the easily configurable 'places' side bar, with removable media listed. But that's not enough pluses.


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