2010-07-21 04:19 - General

Productive evening for me:

Lots of my electrical outlets were splotched with paint when I got them, and they're only 39 cents each (in a box of ten), so I'm replacing them all, and in a color that matches everything else better. Got four of them done today.

Also mapped out which breaker every switch and outlet matches with, before messing with those. Straightforward, but good to know. I also checked how X10 signals will travel around the place. I got super lucky; all the outlets are within signal range of each other, so I can plug a module in anywhere and it will work!

I've got plans to do something about a light up on the loft with that. There's a switch at the bottom of the stairs, which controls one outlet up there. But once I'm up there, I can't switch it back off. If I change that to an X10 switch, I can easily add a control up top, and fix that.


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