2010-07-29 17:59 - General

Really The Best Free iPad Apps - http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AnbPKNXgZu0-dF90TURIYVFneEk2b1N5RkQyT2N3eHc&hl=en&authkey=CMCGzZcO

I got an iPad a while back as a sort of bonus at work. I set out to figure out what were the best apps I could install for free. Turns out there's a lot of different lists online about just that. So I aggregated a bunch of them together, ranking "best" by the number of "best" lists that each app showed up on.

Some of the stuff way at the top I disagree with being so good, and some stuff near the bottom I actually think is great. I'll probably post some more specifics about how I feel a bit later on. But for more free apps, this is a great site: http://freeappalert.com/


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