2010-08-05 02:19 - General

I moved recently, so I got a bunch of businesses mailing me coupons, to try to convince me to go shop there. I ended up accepting Bed Bath and Beyond's offer, their coupon was 20% off, where everyone else's was 10%. I ended up getting:
* A laundry hamper (mine broke very shortly before I moved)
* A trash can (to fit in the under sink cabinet, there isn't any other good spot in my new kitchen)
* A nice saucepan/pot to replace the larger of the two I have, which has grown a bit disgusting over the years, and
* A set of glasses and dishes, more than I need, because the set that has done me well for a while has suffered losses to breakage, and I'm tired of having three glasses, four mugs, one small plate, three big plates, and four bowls.
Kathryn Christiansen Kathryn Christiansen
While their coupons say they expire, you can essentially use them forever, and up to 5 at a time in some stores. I stash the coupons in a pile and never shop at BBB without several in hand. Aug 5, 2010


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