2010-08-25 20:06 - General

Thanks to an internal goal to increase employee's health, I've had a panel done because it was in the office and convenient. Here's all my secret numbers:
Blood pressure: 133/75 (they didn't like that one, but maybe it was elevated from the walk to work, I scheduled it for very-first-thing because they wanted at least 9 hours of fasting)
Glucose: 86 (on what scale? the form says <100 is normal)
Total cholesterol: <100 (mg/dL, desirable is <200)
HDL (good): 43 (desirable is at least 40)
LDL (bad): n/a (too low for the meter to measure, it only goes down to 40, optimum <100)
Triglycerides: 54 (desirable is <150)
BMI: 25 (barely)

It generally says I'm healthy. Which is pretty good, because I wasn't expecting to go changing any habits.


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