2010-10-04 19:58 - General

FURTHER screwups. Company never filled out the certificate of insurance paperwork, which my building requires for deliveries like furniture. They want a 72 hour (!!!) lead time to fill out and fax a form, so I got re-re-re delayed to a Friday delivery now. Fingers crossed yet again. Now the time line is:

Sep 18th: Ordered in store. Told that the sofa wasn't available until the 26th, and I'd get a call to schedule delivery once it was.
Sep 26th: I got a call, but he only told me something cryptic like it's "not off the truck".
Sep 28th 3PM: Finally calls back and sets up delivery.
Sep 28th 4:30PM: Someone else calls back and said someone made a mistake and delivery is not ready, cancels it promising a call back on the day everything should be in..
Oct 1st: I didn't get the call I was promised, so I call them. The number for the local store doesn't work, so I have to call the main 800 line. I eventually get delivery set up for tomorrow (the 5th).
Oct 4th 8:15 AM: I get a call confirming delivery for tomorrow ... between 6:30 AM and 9:30 AM. I told them weeks ago that my building has 10-4 restrictions on deliveries. Barely get them to promise to deliver after 10, instead of rescheduling to a later date. Remind them that I also need a certificate of insurance submitted, as I said when I placed the order, and I haven't seen/heard of that happen.
Oct 4th 3PM: Again, no call back like promised, so I call to check on the insurance. Am told about the 72 hour lead time, so joy, delivery is delayed again.


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