2010-10-31 00:55 - General

Time Warner screwed me again. As I posted two weeks ago, I upgraded my internet service at home. Since then, I've been unable to ping or traceroute, in or out. And I know of one website that doesn't load. A third appointment accomplished nothing besides wasting a few hours watching a different cable modem reboot, slowly. Even worse, so the half working one went back in.

I had my fourth appointment scheduled today. My phone dropped the call the tech made, so they didn't come, despite confirming via the automated call yesterday. I had to call in to complain and get it rescheduled for 9 - 7, which is just so convenient. Then in the afternoon they called me to completely cancel, for what I now realize had to be a pure BS reason: they didn't have the replacement hardware. (What, did the tech eat it for lunch? Where did it go between the morning and then?)

Anyway, the FIFTH appointment for the same service is now Tuesday morning. I'm running out of hope that it will help.


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