2010-11-04 13:17 - General

I had a whopper of an unrealistic dream last night. What details I can remember:

I was in Oklahoma, which I realized when I checked maps on the (stolen) smartphone we had, while driving in the (stolen) car we were using, long a highway filled with police cars, some of which were driving backwards, some of which were doing trick driving. I believe at that time we were leaving a very dilapidated building (I can't remember much details about it, but recognized it as a recurring element from other dreams). I can't remember the order at all, but I know at some point, I had been there (Oklahoma) to visit my Mom, and at some point we were out in the yard, discussing how she had to kill the dog she had (terribly out of character), because it was a large breed dog, and young yet but would grow bigger than she wanted to have.

Weird stuff.


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