2010-11-07 14:42 - General

Been continuing to enjoy Rock Band. Recently, been playing guitar enough that every song I got to for the first time was no challenge (high 90% completion, with a few 100s) on medium difficulty. So I switched from the second game to the first, having picked up the disk for the first game super cheap, but not yet played it. Been playing exclusively hard mode guitar, there. Mostly, it has been a fun challenge, that I can't necessarily handle each song on the first go, but after a few tries I get it.

Then this morning, I got to "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones. Ouch. Even after quite a bit of time in practice mode on the tougher parts, it took me a while, but I did finally jam it out. That makes 20 songs beaten, with 38 to go.


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