2010-11-21 01:35 - General

Time to geek out a bit!

Back in August a friend of mine invited me to join him and a few others in a genuine game of Dungeons and Dragons. I never had before, but I knew enough to be sure I'd enjoy it, so I did. At some point I mentioned this to the guys at work, which brought up the very D&D-like old board game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HeroQuest . We had both played it when we were kids (I clearly remember at least playing once, I don't know how much more, if any, experience I had with it.) He was so inspired to buy a copy.

So five of us at work started playing, and loving it. I decided to pick up an expansion pack, ended up with two, then decided I'd better have the base game to go with them. The result is the picture here: 68 small plastic figures (not to mention cards, a board, etc.) that came partially with the game itself, and some with each expansion pack.

On the far right you can see the poorly-painted undead (skeletons, zombies, mummies) which came that way, with Return of the Witch Lord. They're right next to the same figures from the base game, and even that limited amount of painting is enough to make them more fun. You can also, if you look closely, see two different colors of green plastic making up the goblins, orcs, and fimirs. Some from the base set, some from the Kellar's Keep expansion.

But the copy my friend at work got were all painted, and much much better (see here: http://goo.gl/wsnj8 ). They rather inspired me. I wanted my pieces to look just as awesome. Of course, I have basically no painting experience, and was daunted by the tiny details involved. I eventually found http://www.how-to-paint-miniatures.com/ -- a site completely dedicated to the topic, and some videos online.

I got around to trying my hand on the first one today. Post to follow shortly.


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