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The Fimirs are finally done! These guys broke a two hour average (all four took a total of about nine hours, spread over three days). Could be disappointing, but just look at them: there's a ton of detail in these, and lots of edges to be really careful around. Plus nooks and crannies. Getting into the backs of the knees, the inside areas between the body and tip of the tail, and a few similar spots was tough. It's no surprise these guys took a while.

But they turned out beautifully! Just compare the before and after. I'm stoked.
Sam E Sam E
I just ordered Talisman the board game, and realized that it came with unpainted figures! I'm kinda excited to paint them. Where did you get your paints? Dec 2, 2010
Anthony Lieuallen Anthony Lieuallen
Where did I get them? Well, let's quickly go over the supplies I've been using:

Set of 18 tubes of acrylic paint, eBay, ~$16 after shipping: very good buy. But get yourself an extra plain white tube/bottle/whatever also, for the primer coat(s), that will run out fastest. Definitely start with eBay paint, it'll be way cheap.
Silver and gold enamel paints: $1.25 each, the Utrecht art store (about) across the street from me ( utrecht, 10011 ). I later found acrylics in those colors, and would strongly recommend staying all acrylics. Water based, they clean up/mix/etc much easier. But I don't know for sure how they look. The enamels at least look quite nice and go on very easily.
Brushes: some crap from the dollar store that did little besides fall apart. Skip those.
Better brushes: about the smallest tip brushes I could find at Utrecht, about $2 a piece. Good brushes will make a huge difference.
Palette: a simple aluminum tray with some rounded basins, again around $2. Not necessary, but helpful for mixing (including watering down the acrylic a bit).

If you want to come by some time, I'm happy to show you what I know in person.
Dec 2, 2010
Sam E Sam E
Awesome! I completely forgot that the Utrecht store is close to where you live and where I work. Saweeeeet. Dec 2, 2010
Kathryn Christiansen Kathryn Christiansen
I have no idea what those things are for, but I have been somewhat jealous watching your posts as they get painted; I love painting stuff like that. I've done ceramic painting before, but the problem is you can only have so many ceramic candle holders & lawn gnomes around the house. I just like to paint them, but I usually have no real use for them.

Do you spray/paint them with a coat of clear sealer when you're all done?
Dec 2, 2010


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