2011-02-20 05:25 - General

Back at the end of '05, I decided to get a Playstation 2. I used it for a while, but when I tried installing a mod chip, I managed to ruin it instead. The guts have been sitting in my closet since, including the optional network/hard drive adapter.
Now, with my PS3 out of commission, and a long weekend staring at me, and some unplayed PS2 discs sitting around (I had a backwards compatible PS3), I picked up a cheap used PS2 to play with. (Only the old "phat" models work with the HDD adapter.) This one, with the passed time in between on my side, I managed to soft-mod, no taking apart involved. Among other nifty things, I can play games totally off the hard drive I plugged in, which is not only more reliable (the optical drives are usually the first thing to go on these consoles), it's much faster. And there's a ton of things to tweak and tinker with, which of course I adore.
Good times.


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