2011-03-14 18:44 - General

Anyone else sick and tired of Japan/quake news? It feels like every other item in my RSS is the same stuff again and again. Really re-fueling my desire for a sort of "social news" site with a de-duping bent. Google News (for deduping) plus Digg/Reddit (for ranking, maybe commenting, if there were a way to keep the inane jokes at bay) would be awesome.
Johan Sundström Johan Sundström
It would be less annoying if reporters were more clued in about any sense of what's normal in Japan, and that the real story is how super awesomely the country was prepared for it and is handling it. http://www.kalzumeus.com/2011/03/13/some-perspective-on-the-japan-earthquake/ is the only good reporting on it I've read so far, and that was written by an engineer living over there, much to give friends and family overseas a better idea of it.

(Any other country in the world would be orders of magnitude worse off in casualties, general havoc and destruction, I think.)
Mar 15, 2011


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