2011-09-05 21:23 - General

Wow, app engine. Just wow. Yesterday's stats:

Resource Used Free Billable Charge
CPU Time:
$0.10/CPU hour 0.63 6.50 0.00 $0.00
(Or: because plain-text does awful table formatting: 0.63 cpu hours used, under 10% of the free quota.)

Estimated under the new pricing scheme?

Frontend Instance Hours:
$0.04/Hour 67.77 24.00 43.77 $1.76

To run the CPU for 0.63 hours you need to reserve an instance for 67.66 hours (almost 3x the free quota)? I'm not going to start spending multiple dollars per day for my ultra simple little app, getting only hundreds of hits per day. Yuck, time to port out! Good thing I've only got this one simple app that happens to be pretty easy to port.


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