2011-10-19 23:45 - General

Here's the next ghost of my programming past. My previous post was about the "final project" for school, which I dated to May of 1996. This is older! I left a comment at the top of the file:

Ka-Boom! by Tony Lieuallen Started: April 29, 1995

I know this was originally done for a competition in the computer club I was a part of, displayed at the annual 4-H fair in August. It's fair to assume it was completed during the intervening four months, while I was 14 years old. The computer plays against you with decent AI. Given the simplicity of the game, it has a fair chance of beating you.

There's not a lot more to say that's not in the video. Just be sure to watch far enough to hear the awesome sound effects! See the source if you're curious: https://gist.github.com/1299983


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