2011-11-08 17:05 - General

I think I learned about http://yubnub.org/ quite some time ago (years). The idea is that you use them as a search provider, then you can use the search box of your browser (assuming it has one ... I'm looking at you Chrome) to do all sorts of things. Some of the most useful are just searching a particular site. I built multiseek instead. The key difference (besides the fact that I mostly custom built it for myself) was that in multiseek, you have to use a special prefix (I chose @) to do a special operation (i.e. "@ebay toys" searches ebay for toys). On yubnub, anything that happens to be a magic word (command) in their system will just trigger that action.

This is a blessing and a curse. It makes using it like a command line more natural. But it also makes you accidentally run random commands rather than search for words sometimes.

I've tried switching to yubnub recently. I'll probably re-build multiseek to try to take advantage of what I'm learning, because I just don't think that randomly being surprised if anyone out there ever registered a word I'm searching for as a command will leave me satisfied, long-term.


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