2012-03-05 15:08 - General

My discolored Super Nintendo. My discolored Super Nintendo, after Retr0Bright treatment.

Here's the before and after (mostly...) images for my weekend project.

The project was to use Retr0Bright Gel ( http://retr0bright.wikispaces.com/ ) to remove the yellowing from the top half of my Super Nintendo's case. My guess is that one of my ingredients wasn't perfect, because although I've seen results, they've taken days and not hours.

The SNES is a particular challenge. It's made of a few distinct parts. In my case, the top half of the case (but not the bits in the middle, and not the bottom half) has yellowed significantly. You can see in the shots that I've gotten the top half to be rather grey, from the yellow that it started.

It's much better, but not the same color as the un-yellowed bits (which have been left out, and were put back for comparsion in the "after" shot). I've got the last bit left of (the half of the batch I prepared of) the gel applied, and curing in my bathtub at home. I started at 1:30 PM on Saturday, and didn't really see any visible difference until

I'll probably leave it however it ends up once I get home today, though. Too much work to keep going on. Maybe if I find something that definitely has TAED in it (read the Retr0Bright page if you're curious), as I suspect that was my missing ingredient.


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