2012-08-20 03:24 - General

For the past week http://yubnub.org/ has been down ( https://groups.google.com/d/topic/yubnub/TNhy3-BsLNg/discussion ).  I've grown to rely on that service quite a bit, over the year or so since I adopted it.

So this weekend, I decided to clone it.  https://multiseek.net/

I had some data about the supported commands that I grabbed around when I started using it, to learn about what was available.  And I managed to augment that data by pulling a bit more via archive.org.  Now I can do cool things again like:

wp Nikola Tesla
Will search WikiPedia for Nikola Tesla.  But:
> wp Nikola Tesla
Will do a Google feeling lucky search (>) over wikipedia (wp) for Nikola Tesla.  This works for any existing site-search command.  Much like:
>> devmo xmlhttprequest
Will do a Google site specific search (>>) over the mozilla developer wiki (devmo) for xmlhttprequest.

And all the site-specific searches you might expect: ebay, am (amazon), and so on.  I find that I've got my knowledge of its commands "hard wired" in now, more in muscle memory than active knowledge.  So I can't very well list all the great things it can do.  But go visit my site and hit the "Help" link in the corner to see a list of commands, from YubNub via archive.org.


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