Be happy, it's friday

2004-10-22 21:23 - General

Well today didn't start off so well. Tegs didn't want her medicine this morning at all. Work was generally bad as I'm still stuck in this project that's headed nowhere. I've got to turn that around. Was at work a few minutes late even though I had an appointment for Tegs at the vet. I stopped for some fast food on the way and it was anything but fast, took about 10 minutes to get some hamburgers.

So, we get home and it's just a few minutes until I crate Tegs up and carry her to the vet. About an hour wait before he sees me, again. Even with an appointment, again. But, she's healthy enough to go off of all her medication except the antibiotics. Her temperature is still a teeny bit high, but down. Eyes and ears both seem great. The bump on her tail even shrunk, a lot. It's not quite gone and that's why she's still on the antibiotics. But basically she's a happy healthy kitty now!

And despite the industry's best efforts, I finally got a real credit card! I have applied to seven or eight different credit card companies in the past two months. Every single one was declined, for lack of credit history (Go figure!), until I applied for a "secured" card, which is anything but credit. I have to let a few hundred dollars of mine rot away in their bank account just to keep it. Then to top it off, they bungled transferring in the money from my checking account so I never quite got that either. I applied to the bank I've had for the past year (almost) and they let me in! So, I can finally start to establish some credit history. Whee.


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