2009-01-19 19:47 - General

One month ago today, I left home for the last day of work before a long Xmas vacation. With weekends, holidays, and left over vacation/sick/personal days, I managed to take the two weeks until January 5th off of work, straight. It was quite nice. It was also an opportunity. I've been shaving my face just about every day for something like a dozen years; it almost feels like as long as I can remember. Sure, there's the occasional lazy weekend, but I barely ever got to the point of "scruffy".

This is what my beard looks like, after it grows for exactly one month.

I can't quite say why I really decided to do it. It's one of those things that I've never done, but often think about (like tattoos, but far less serious). Or maybe because it makes for a handy disguise. But that's it, right there. Exactly one month of beard growth. I expect to let it keep going for the foreseeable future. There's no complex plan or goal. It's just some variety. I'll probably see how long I can let it get, or if that gets too annoying for any reason.

To potential beard growers: make sure you have some determination. It does get itchy. Very itchy. At, and for about, the second week, it can be rather annoying. By the third, it will be much better, and by the fourth, you'll hardly notice it. Or at least that's how things went for me.

P.S. I know it looks very much like it's greying — relax, that's just the camera's flash.


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