Blast From the Past

2004-07-31 14:11 - General

I'm relatively stoked. It took a lot of work, but I have finally rescued all my files from my server machine here in my apartment. It was my web server, file server, mail server .. It held all my important stuff, and I was quite worried when the hard drive died. Luckily, I managed to recover all the files except a few logs that have little to no worth. Phew! Took a few tries to find the right technique, a few passes to make it work, and some cleanup after, but tada about 400,000 files making up around 125GB are back and safe.

As I was browsing around the files to make sure things really were copied, and not corrupt, I came upon something that really fired up some nostalgia. What is it? It's a site I made back in 1999 (barely). In fact, it was a blog. Though the term blog wasn't even coined yet then, to the best of my knowledge. It's amazingly ugly, and it looks horrible in Mozilla/Firefox (Hey there was no such thing yet!) but take a look at Arantius' Brain. Quite comical!

Yeah that's exactly what my site looked like back in 2000. It was junk made with DreamWeaver. I didn't change anything except to remove a few dead links. How far I've come.


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