Cats Do Have Downsides

2007-11-12 19:54 - General

So, I live in an apartment in New York. It's not terribly big (though it is big enough for me). And, I spend a lot of time away from it, seeing as I have to work to pay for it. So, though I might like to, I really can't have a dog. Plus, I really don't want to walk a dog 3x a day, nor pick up after it. So, I'm a cat person.

Thing is, though cats are still quite nice, and I truly enjoy having them. There are, though, downsides to cat ownership. Just as I arrived home today, I was marveling at the wonder of the human body. It's not at all unusual for me to feel the urge to visit the bathroom as I get home. Not as I leave work, not as I spend 10-ish minutes walking to and from the subway or 40-ish minutes riding it, but really right as I get home. It's amazing. So once I get here today, I walk in to the bathroom, and am jolted out of my reverie with this pile. On the plus side, I'm really figuring out how to re-roll TP now, and ... ok, that isn't much of a plus side.


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