Commercial Curiosity

2006-03-26 17:40 - General

I was starting to think that it would be fun to create some content for my blog by uploading the collection of fun short videos that I have lying around to Google Video. I was bright enough to search first, knowing that I'm not the first that has had this general idea.

Since it came with a funky name that started with numbers, one of the first that I checked out was an interesting commercial for deodorant. When I searched for it, things got more interesting. Google Video has a few versions:

But the version I have lying around is for neither of those, and doesn't have the disclaimers littered on top. Nifty! My version was for Sure for Men, and has other minor differences. I noticed one in my favorite part, where the security guard glances from the motorcycle rider to the no helmets sign and back. He doesn't say anything, the look on his face says it all. The words "no helmets" are missing from the other versions available.


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