Eat Asphalt!

2006-06-20 14:56 - General

As I mentioned a short while back, I've begun biking to work, between the subway and the office. It's over a mile, it's nice exercise to bike, and so on. It's been pretty good overall. I don't know if I'll be able to handle biking in July/August in long pants, but time will tell. Today was my first accident though.

Luckily, nothing big. I crossed quickly through an intersection to catch the green light. Then I saw backed up traffic, then I saw the big box truck turning to back into a building in the middle of the block, so I gradually started to slow down. Then, bam somebody in an SUV decides they don't need to look before they open their door! They clip me on the side, pushing me all crazy, into the (thank goodness) stopped traffic on the other side, and rapidly off the bike and into the ground. This was not fun. And I hurt all over various places. But I'll get off with some scrapes, and probably bruises showing soon.

Update: I didn't take a picture the first day; it was just a light bit of red spots. But, it turned really yelow two days after, and rather nasty three days after.


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