Eek! A Mouse!

2008-09-01 22:56 - General

After Tegs started acting a little strange, I realized we had a mouse on our hands! The girls played with the mouse a bit. The girls played with the mouse a bit more! (Click to embiggen.)

Tegs started acting a little strange this evening. Before long, I saw why. We had a mouse on our hands! My two year lease is just about to run out, and this is the first one they've seen since the last place.

They've clearly forgotten what to do with one. I only managed to shoot these few pictures (and a few that totally missed the motion) before they lost track of it. (Look at Tegs' tongue sticking out in that last shot, so cute!) I managed to format the pictures and type up half this post before I saw Tegs pawing at the underside of the computer where, behold, the mouse had found safety, if only briefly.

They got it back out, so I shot some video. I only captured around a minute before the thing managed to disappear again. Also, learned that my digital camera doesn't shoot video that you can see with anything less than full sunlight (even 4 decent lamps in a small room, not enough).

No clue where it might have come from. Tomorrow morning I'll either wake up to a corpse somewhere around here, or the added mystery of wherever it managed to get away to.


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