Eew, Kitty!

2004-10-01 09:02 - General

So I have the cat for the long weekend again. She was pretty good most of the day yesterday, but towards the end of the day she got quite hyper. She spent a little alone time in the bathroom and discovered the toilet paper, which got all unrolled onto the floor. Sigh.

Overall yesterday was nice though. She ended up in the bathroom again this morning at 4AM cause she wouldn't let me sleep, and re-unraveled the toilet paper I had meticulously re-rolled. But that was nothing. Once I woke up for real, she followed me as I went into the bathroom, and she jumped in the toilet when I opened it and started to pee. Eeew!! So, like any cat she doesn't enjoy getting a bath much, but soon after she got a little impromptu wash in the sink. She tolerated it surprisingly well for a little while, but started to struggle about halfway through. She didn't seem at all pleased with the process once she was done and all wet. Nor so happy with getting towel dried. But hey, once we were done she was purring more than I've ever heard before. And now she's curled up in my lap, awww!


What, no photo?
2004-10-04 13:28 - Lieuallen
This posting contained a little MORE information than I needed! :-)

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