Farewell, Tegs

2019-12-11 21:40 - General

Back in late 2004, just after renewing the lease to my apartment (and even though it did not permit cats), I adopted a very fine cat, named Tegs. She's a wonderful pet. Almost exactly two years ago, we (my Mom really, when we were visiting for Thanksgiving) noticed that she was very thin. She's been slowly losing weight, with some periods of stability since then. A few vet visits generally gave me no useful information or treatment. This October I tried a new vet who diagnosed her with nasal cancer, which was described to me as being common for cats. Since then her weight continued to drop and her face swelled terribly. This morning, I cleaned up a particularly goopy face, with pus gathered in both eyes and nostrils.

Tonight I came home, and she was peacefully resting on the floor, not a foot away from her (also, separately adopted) sister. Cold and still. She's passed on, at a few days shy of sixteen years and three months of age.

Below is a gallery of all her best photos, going way back to 2004, with no further comment.

You'll be missed.


Tegs Forever
2020-05-07 23:41 - Claverhouse

An amazingly lovely girl and perfect soul.

Now a kitten again, romping in the Elysian Fields.

Thanks for showing the photographs.

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