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2007-07-19 10:27 - General

So, yesterday morning as I was heading out for work, I grabbed the empty pizza box I had left from the weekend, and headed first to the recycling area at the foot of the stairs. When I opened the door, I saw the two cans there full of old toys. There was some sort of throwing game (a board with three cartoon characters with massive mouths, which were holes), some sort of car track set, and a bunch of other random things in brightly colored plastic.

Then, sitting on the floor next to the cans, I saw this bright red box of K'Nex (a poor man's Lego). And the cardboard cover was still on it. It looked brand new. Out of curiosity as much as anything, I grabbed it, and stashed it just inside my own door. Last night, I investigated. The tape was still on the bottom, holding the cardboard cover over it, with no obvious signs of having ever been removed. And, once I removed it, I saw the "250 400 pieces!" in their plastic baggies. Yes. This is a brand new toy that never got played with, and somebody tossed it in the trash. What a shame.

The cover proudly advertises that the kit comes with a "motor". It's quaint enough to be really cute that it's actually just a little gearbox with a spring. No electricity, no batteries to worry about, just a bit of zip to entertain a kid. And, well, perhaps, screw the green "6+" in the corner (which isn't so visible in the picture thanks to the flash). I'm a big kid, and I might just have to play with it! Fulfill this poor toy's destiny!


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