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2004-12-07 22:10 - General

For this story to work, we have to rewind to February to get the full scope. At work, we had been seeking a new programmer for some time. Our sister company wanted a particular project done, and we always had spare things to work on. They were of course paying peanuts, thus the long search. We finally found an older gentleman who came with a really good recommendation from the guy he had done an internship under in just what we were going to have him do.

We can fast forward a bit now, to August. This guy was no expert by a long shot. He was moving slowly, and I thought little of it. The people in charge constantly changed the requirements which just heightened the situation. Somewhere towards the end of August, some people got uppity, and things got checked, and we found out the guy had made next to zero progress for the whole time he had been there. The proverbial shit hit the fan. He was shortly canned.

His project became mine. The project I was on was shelved for the time being. I worked fervishly, and in a month I had the whole thing done, way more than the old guy even claimed that he had done. Huzzah. The suits are happy.

Now in current day, the original project there which had a deadline of December 1st is still nowhere near done. Not only the month on hold for me to switch gears, but the constantly shifting requirements again, and huge delays in even getting the changes. For that and other reasons I decide I need to find a new company to work for, and do. Which, incidentally, I just can't wait for. Three more work days left at my current company.

I come to find out that the guy I had been working with on the first project I mentioned is leaving his company too. One of the agreements he made with his boss beforehand was to see through that project until it was workable, upon which he'd get a copy of it to run for his own business he's branching off. So, now that both he and I are leaving, he wants a place to host his web site.

So long story short, he's getting a dedicated server. I'm setting it up, and keeping an eye on it. In return, I get an awesome place to host my web site. Woo woo!


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