Fun Toy Helicopter

2013-03-17 20:29 - General

My new toy helicopter, a WLToys v911.

Back six or seven years ago when the Picoo Z came out, I wanted one. I even traveled quite a ways to find a Radio Shack that had one in stock. But it was clearly used, and broken, once I got it home and tried it, so it got returned.

This year, I ended up getting a more capable no-name coaxial toy helicopter, and it was great fun. So I got another: the WLToys v911. This thing is more powerful and agile, and has a much better controller. I'm having quite a lot of fun with it! So far I've managed to force the tail rotor to pop off a few times, but otherwise no major crash damage. Partially thanks to the fact that the whole thing, with battery, only weighs 34 grams. So as long as you cut the power, there's not much force to dissipate once it hits something.


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