Giant Skull Painting

2014-07-24 18:07 - General

Simple wooden frame. Beginning to stretch the canvas. Canvas now on the frame. Whoops, frame finished for real, with corner reinforcements. Hung on the wall.

A little while back, a guy at work shared a project he was working on: to make and give away a ton of huge paintings. He picked up a cheap laser projector, originally designed for DJs/parties, and figured out how to make it shoot a pattern for an image of his choice. This was bright enough to see, without distorting colors, like a simple projector might be. Then he started making tons of paintings and giving them away! This is one of them. I decided to get enough lumber to make a frame to stretch the canvas onto, and now it's hung on my wall. I had to rearrange things to get it to fit, it's almost six feet square!

It barely worked. The tension of the canvas wants to twist the frame. I added the reinforcements on the corners from the scraps left after cutting the sides to length. That helped, but only a little. Luckily it's just heavy enough to hold itself flat against the wall by its own weight. Perhaps the tension might even out a bit over time as it remains in place.


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