Go Go Gmail!

2004-08-12 19:49 - General

So, it has happened. Took a while, I wasn't trying hard, but I have managed to acquire an invite to the infamous Gmail. Of course, the fact that you need an invite to get in is the source of the hype, it's like an exclusive nightclub with lines of people just wishing they could get in. So how'd I do it? With the help of a website called gmail swap. The site is designed to help people wanting gmail and people with extra gmail invites find each other. The swap as it clearly implies involves a trade, a sort of barter. Offering money is not allowed, it is in fact against google's policies, but being inventive enough can get you the kindness of someone out there. My successful offer was an all-marshmallow box of lucky charms.

I had grand visions of very carefully crafting it, but along with the invite came a note that my benefactor thought the smile the idea brought was enough. We'll see if she changes her mind.

Oh, and of course anyone with a brain can guess what what the address is, there's no reason to post it!


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