Gray is the way!

2004-07-13 01:15 - General

So yes, as I said before, this site is an experimental madhouse for my attempts at layout and design. Today's theme is gray. In fact, the whole page is gray. There's no black, and there's no white. The title was white, but I cheated and made it just-barely-gray. Still looks white, but now I can say the whole site is gray. I have mixed feelings about it. But it's got a certain charm.

Oh, yes. It's 1AM and I can't sleep. Too many thoughts crowding in my head to let sleep visit. I've been productive at least. Running under Linux, I've found that Firefox, my favorite browser regardless of OS, requires root access to add search enginges to the search bar. It does, at least, for an install the way Gentoo's portage system sets it up. I wonder if that will be changed, perhaps so users can have their own list, rather than search engine plugins being installed system wide. I hope so.


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