How I Shop

2009-10-11 20:18 - General

If I'm shopping for something significant (and if I am going to buy it, I'm going to spend time shopping for the best deal), chances are the method described below is how I do it.

I've used Yahoo! Pipes for a while. It's an awesome service. For a time, I used it to monitor various deals sites. I later added a "user input" option, to filter for particular items. Today, based off of an example I found, I just added a maximum price filter, too. Why? I use it to keep an eye on cheap PS3 games (and have certainly found a few worth getting, that way). But filtering for "PS3" finds as many systems as games. Limiting the price finds what I want.

Sound good? Open the (Input Any) Deals pipe, pick a price and a keyword, and subscribe in your favorite RSS reader. If I can come up with some ideas some time, I can tell you this is how I'll find xmas gifts.


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