I Finally Got Free DVR Service

2008-04-09 09:14 - General

Around a year and a half ago, I moved into a new apartment. Same neighborhood, but much cheaper rent. This gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my internet and TV service, as I'd have to call companies up and wait on hold anyways to switch the address. I ended up staying with cable, as I had some issues with Verizon in the past.

But I kept getting ads in the mail for DSL and satellite TV service. And it was cheaper. And it included things like DVR service for free. For months now, I've meant to call up Time Warner and give them the "if I switched to DSL and satellite, I'd be paying less and getting DVR to boot" spiel. The idea was, I get my service, they keep their customer for saving me the hassle of switching. Win win, right?

Right! I have a dentist appointment scheduled this morning, so I had free time at home with nothing to do, and I finally got around to making the call. It wasn't even that difficult to convince them. I gave the short spiel, and was offered a percent discount that amounted to about $5 off, plus adding $9 for the service. That's not what I was hoping for, so I started reading off the prices of DSL and satellite. I went on hold a bit, then I got a $10 off per month, plus the $9 for DVR and .. wala, free DVR service! Added bonus, if the CSR was right, I'm getting one month of my cable completely for free. We'll see when the next bill arrives.

So, if you have some sort of monthly service you subscribe to, and you've been thinking of switching: Try to squeeze your current provider for a better deal. They'll probably cave.


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