I Found My Laser Pointer!

2013-03-31 12:48 - General

For over a month, I'd been a bad master for my kitties, never playing with the laser pointer with them. Because I lost it. I swear I looked, multiple times. But I never found it. I just went to grab another one of their toys, a little ball, from behind the couch and noticed the laser pointer lying way back out of reach, also behind the couch. Now they can chase the little red dot until they fall over from exhaustion again. Yay kitties!

I bought a replacement through eBay back on Feb 24th. But on my tablet from the couch, and I guess I didn't pay immediately. No emails or other reminders from eBay like I normally get, rather two weeks later I got an unpaid case opened on me. Seller claims to have shipped it on the 6th, but it's still not here. Slow shipping from China ...


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