I love you Tegs!

2004-10-18 20:09 - General

I think I'll have fun with this! Yes, my dear friend Tegs is worthy of that statement, because, well she's my dear friend! Plus of course, my cat is now named Tegs as well.

Tegs went to the vet last week. The shelter I adopted her from requested a visit to the vet for a checkup within 7 days of adoption. I was mostly planning on blowing that off, they also gave me papers showing all the important tests and shots and so forth. But, a little later, we noticed she was mostly keeping one eye closed and just opening the other. It persisted and I started to worry so I took her in for a checkup.

Turned out she had conjunctivitis (pink eye). She also had a fever (about 104, where normal for cats is about 102.5), and a cold. Poor kitty!

Well, the vet's bill ended up being $176 which was quite steep, but we ended up with her getting an antibiotic shot, plus meds for her eyes and her cold and a few general things. So I've been forcing various liquids into various spots in her head for nearly a week. Poor kitty!

But through it all, she's clearly gotten much better. She's opening both eyes normally, and I can't see any of the puffy redness under her lids like I could before. She's also more active and playful which is fun. I discovered a little stuffed toy that I left on the floor in my living room under my bed, clearly in the bedroom, today. I'm so happy she's better!


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