I'm a Movie Star!

2009-03-24 14:15 - General

Over a year ago, I briefly described the experience of having a movie shoot in the office where I was working at the time. It was universally ridiculous. Somebody high up in the company was stroking their own ego, I believe. Truth be told, the office was relatively attractive. But it certainly didn't generate any buzz or positive anything for the company. Much worse, they had us come in on the day of the shoot. With all the camera gear, massive lights, and crew buzzing about, not much work got done. In fact, I couldn't sit at my regular desk, the entire area being monopolized by a giant lighting setup.

As I was more or less standing around in the hallway, trying to get a little work done, an actor (and the camera shooting him) strolled by. At the time, I was wearing a bright red shirt, and thought, "You know, when the movie comes out, I bet I'll be able to see myself in it!" Eventually I put the movie on my Netflix queue. It finally arrived.

Yep, that's me there in the background. The compressed-for-internet-transmission version of the video makes it even MORE blurry than the original. In full blu-ray 1080p, I can pretty easily pretend that I can tell it's me, and recognize my boss sitting in front of me (as the camera sees). But I might be deluding myself. On screen for a total of 21 frames (split in two parts by the pillar), not even totaling a single second of screen time, I'm also clearly jesting to be proclaiming my new movie-stardom. But it's certainly a fun bit of trivia to know that however briefly, I have in fact appeared on the silver screen.


Half a second of fame!
2009-05-05 18:38 - tegs

You know I did see it, but again was so fast you were completely unrecognizable. Good thing you did the double take, it was most 15 seconds that way ;)

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