Keepin' on keepin' on

2004-12-02 19:35 - General

The wait gets more intolerable each day. I have 6 business days left at my current job, and whoooo I can barely stand it! I got the official letter from my new job yesterday, and that's got me excited.

On the other hand, I got my mod chip for my new (used) PS2 in the mail on Monday. I spent all night installing it. I did a better job than I expected. But it still doesn't work. Ack! The whole thing doesn't run now. The best I can get it to do is spin the drive at full, disc or no, and turn the screen black. Sometimes. I'm relatively confident it will be back to normal if I take the chip out, but of course I don't want that. Barely know what to do with it. This will probably be my weekend project.


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