Little slice of leather-upholstered heaven

2005-08-06 09:53 - General

I've been lurking on CraigsList for a little while, looking for a recliner. I saw one nice chair the first day, but the guy never answered. So I kept looking around a bit, when I came across this baby for just $100.

It was a fun little adventure getting the thing home. It came from downtown Manhattan, and my apartment is in far southern Brooklyn. I rented a U-Haul van to cart the thing around in, and drove around Manhattan for the first time, and parts of Brooklyn I've never been in. Didn't plan it out much, spent a bit of time in both directions getting to the bridge/tunnel, but here it is now, and it's a dream to have!

Once I got it home, I saw the logo on the handle, it's a real La-Z-Boy which was a nice surprise. It's upholstered with great, soft leather with only minimal wear (it was used of course). It's a rocker, which I wasn't excited about at first but I'm already enjoying. Also, the back reclines separately from the footrest, unlike other recliners I've seen. I can put the seat back, or the footrest up, or both or any combination I like. Oh baby!!

Ended up costing: $1.50 at the wrong ATM in a hurry, $4.50 in tolls, $58.10 to rent the truck and $100 for the chair itself, but it was oh-so worth it.


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