LOTR Marathon

2009-07-03 08:53 - General


The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is a legendary story. It is more or less the origin of all modern fantasy. I first read the trilogy at 15, and together it is one of the few books I have ever read more than once. Early this decade, Peter Jackson's film adaptations were released. (Until my vacation a month ago, they were the last movies I could remember actually going to the theater to see.) They're great films, and being a fan of the series I asked for and got the "Special Extended DVD Edition" versions of each, for Christmas each year as they were released.

I immediately watched every bit of them, on each day as I got them, and loved it. However I've done it once since, and now I plan to repeat my marathon. As extended editions, each movie easily breaks three hours, and has to be split over two DVDs. Together, they span just over eleven and a half hours back-to-back. And I'm about to sit down and watch them all through at once.

Special days off work deserve a special activity!


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