Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

2018-07-27 17:11 - General

Back when I first moved into my current apartment I went on a home furnishings spree. I got a nice soap dispenser and tumbler set that matched and looked good in place. But over time, and with exposure to water, the soap dispenser wore out quite a bit. I could never quite find something I really liked again.

Until this. I found a dispenser mechanism specifically made to attach to a mason jar. It said "any" mason jar on it, so I bought sight-unseen across the internet some mason jars. Some wide mouthed mason jars. Which didn't fit the lid it came with. Thankfully I managed to trace the hole and cut it right out with a dremel, no fuss. I've always had a minor fascination with mason jars. They feel like a basic part of the at-home, DIY spirit. Now I've got a couple at home!


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