Mass Transit Makes the City Tolerable

2005-12-27 14:00 - General

So, I'm not a city person. I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan, cause that's where I got a job. But I've never felt like I belonged in the city, and mostly sought to get out. But there's one exception that really goes a long way towards negating the nastiness of the city: mass transit. I can read a book on my way to work, or like I did this morning, I can sleep. Plus, on the subway...

So .. look on the bright side?


2006-10-16 05:31 - Gerry157

I live in Portland, Oregon which is building light rail lines all over the place. In fact, one is two blocks from me. However, I DRIVE. My empolyer pays for my parking in downtown Portland. I don't have to stand out in the rain waiting for a bus/train, I have the use of my car all day if needed, I don't have to look/see/smell the people who ride mass transit, and I can enjoy my drive to work each day. I do however, support mass transit - less people on the road to delay my daily journey.

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